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Forming Objects

This was a six week project where we were asked to work individually to design and develop multiple responses to three typical product design 'client briefs.' 

Imagining applying for a Product Design job but the application process only allows space for a 10 page portfolio. The employer wants applicants to showcase their competencies in sketching, idea generation, concept development, form creation, 3D modelling and rendering. 

Our three objects were determined by Render Weekly, a platform created for industrial design rendering. 

“Render Weekly was formed in April of 2018 as an idea to help artists and designers be inspired and showcase their work. The goal of Render Weekly is to provide a free platform where followers can reach out, improve their 3D modeling and rendering skills, connect with other students and professionals, and build their portfolio with unique weekly prompts. We are committed to curating and creating powerful product design imagery.”


Intended Learning Outcomes

Knowledge & Understanding

  • Demonstrate an understanding of a broad selection of prototyping techniques and their multiple roles throughout the design process.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to develop form and be able to contextualise it in historic and contemporary practice.



  • Construct a range of prototypes e.g. experience, technological, visual etc. to meet the requirements of a design project.

  • Manipulate and develop form through a range of media and materials (from 2D to 3D). Transferable skills - Employability.

  • Interpret design work for communication to a wider audience using techniques such as video, presentations and social media.

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