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Memory Lane

Memory Lane

Team 15 formed a 'micro atelier' after identifying a few common themes we each explored in our ICON article writing. We had a passion for wonder and how an interactive space or object could create such a curious yet exciting feeling. As a team we fell in love with hanging installations, where a viewer could walk through and be a part of the magical experience. Memory Lane was created as our interactive space that responds directly to the Atelier Wunderkammer theme. Our hanging installation is designed to take the visitor back to their youth. 

As a child, you have a greater sense of wonder and curiosity over seemingly everyday objects,  but as you get older it takes more for a person to get that sense of wonder. Our goal was to help adults achieve that same sense of curiosity they used to have as a child. We wanted to break the mould of traditional museums in how we display our objects by encouraging the user to touch and interact with them which also gives the user back that sense of play. The installation consists of 50 resin casted transparent spheres each with a miniature object from the users childhood. As they move closer to each ball they will trigger the pressure plates on the floor which will prompt the balls around them to light up as if it is sparking that forgotten memory in your brain and giving back that sense of wonder.

Meet the Team

caitlin .png

Caitlin Williams - IED: 3D CAD modelling, poster
Aidan Johnstone - PDes: Manufacture, construction 
Natasha Boys - PDes: Model making, Arduino 
Megan Doull - IED: 3D CAD modelling, poster 
Christy Tukalo - PDes: Model making, Arduino, video 
Sammy Corbett - PDes: Manufacture, construction

**As a micro atelier we assigned each team member a role. This improved productivity as each component part of the project could be completed, ready for the final assembly. 

Team 15.png
Team 15.jpg

Memory Lane was selected as one of the top six projects of Atelier Wunderkammer. This made us finalists for the exhibition in Slovenia where other micro ateliers from various countries and universities would gather. It was an opportunity to display and demonstrate our concept with a view to emphasising wonder and curiosity that directly responds to the Wunderkammer theme. Due to covid-19 it was sadly postponed until a later date. However, we held a exhibition in December 2019, at the University of Dundee (DJCAD), to exhibit all of our projects. 

Opening Night.JPG

Team 15: Opening Night 

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