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Photography is an ongoing hobby of mine but ​a project that I greatly enjoyed was my Higher Photography which had the title of 'Modern Architecture Of The City.' For this project I was focusing on photographing architecture (mostly modern) and buildings that contain linear structures, that created bold contrasts and shadows giving them depth. Taking the photographs up close of parts of the buildings I was documenting would allow creation of abstract shapes leading to the natural lighting left on the building. To make each of the photographs more dramatic and to emphasise their form, I added a black and white filter. 

During the research stage, I was interested in photographers that dedicate their portfolios to architecture such as Sebastian Weiss. He is a German architectural photographer and designer where his work focuses on street photography. He models a new uniqueness highlighting clear lines and forms found within the architecture he is photographing. Another influential photographer called Martin Waltz, also based in Germany, focuses on portrait and street photography. Waltz is a keen observer of fragility and transiency in urban life. His most popular style is dark, grainy photographs that create a large contrasted black and white image. Johnny Kerr was the last photographer I took inspiration from, particularly his project called "Abstractions". He tended to photograph buildings of a large and small scale where you received a sense of great depth in his images. He also used a black and white filter to create a dramatic atmosphere towards the viewers of his work. All three of these photographers create composed beauty in the colourless photos they produce. Each photographer uses linear abstract shapes and forms to construct their compositions and this was something I wanted to use within my portfolio. 

Exploring several locations around Edinburgh, I was keen to photograph buildings that use line within their structures. The use of two materials to manufacture a building was also important as it would create great texture within my images. Using juxtaposition enabled me to capture different angles from different levels rather than relying on the camera zoom and lens. My photographs were taken in the winter months which was ideal as low lighting allowed crisp shadows to be formed. 'Modern Architecture Of The City' consists of twelve photographs from six shoots in and around the City of Edinburgh. 

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