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Santosa Wellness Centre

Santosa Wellness Centre is a lovely place for the mind, body and soul. From their vegan/veggie café, artisan eco shop, holistic therapies and studio classes, there is something for everyone. "Whatever is good for the that!" Santosa opened their doors in 2016 teaching yoga and hosting therapists for clients to enjoy beautiful treatments such as Clinical massage and Reflexology. Their café is forever evolving to bring their customers delicious homemade sweet treats and gorgeous vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

Working with Janis, the owner of Santosa, she was in need of some help with graphics. A local magazine called The Leither advertises businesses within the Leith area of Edinburgh. As Santosa is located in Leith, it was a great opportunity to create an inviting publication to promote the Wellness Centre and the services they offer. 

Coronavirus impacted many businesses as everyone was constantly adapting to change and they still are. During lockdown Santosa had to shut its doors to help stop the spread of the virus. Once we moved through each stage of easing the lockdown, Santosa could start planning a re-opening by which customers would feel safe in the socially distant shop environment. In order to make people aware of the re-opening social media graphics needed to be generated. Alongside these, floor markers were to be produced, a new menu would be launched and an Enjoy at Home logo was needed to engage people to order takeaway if they didn't feel comfortable sitting inside the newly improved café. 

Each table within the cafe had a re-designed tri-fold leaflet that aided customers to order online, reducing face-to-face contact. The social media graphics were generated to inform customers What to Expect within the café and the "Sanctuary". The graphics kept to the theme of Santosa, a lush maroon colour with contrasting white text to highlight each element that had changed. The new menu was completely re-vamped with a minimalistic yet contemporary aesthetic as the menu had been the same for years. 

I am continuing to work on commission pieces with Janis and the Santosa team as the business is forever changing.

Promotional Photography
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