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Ballantines Packaging Project

This brief was presented to us by The Chivas Brothers where we asked to choose a whisky from their collection to re-design. Choosing from Chivas Regal, Ballantine's, Royal Salute, The Glenlivet, Longmorn or Aberlour, it was our task to research and strategically select a suitable collaboration brand or personality as a basis for creating a high quality limited edition gift set. With this in mind, alongside the bottle of whisky and gift box, a companion product was needed. Staying away from the traditional glass tumblers and whisky stones, we were tasked with finding and creating an appropriate companion product which suited the brands and theme we were designing for. 

For many people, whisky can be seen as a drink for the older generation with a tendency towards high end types of whisky. Single malts that are smooth, smokey and tailored to consumers' tastes. The cheaper whiskies on the market, such as Ballantine's, tend to be found in the hospitality sector where it is mostly used as a mixer to make other beverages. Targeted at young people, they see whisky as an affordable tipple yet the ultimate summer party drink. 


I was keen for my concept to be a collabration with a brand that targeted a similar market. Wireless is the ultimate summer festival held annually in July. Many popular hip hop and r&b artists perform at the vibrant and electric, non-camping festival. Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky is the ultimate summer party drink. At music festivals there are official partners that sponsor such events. Currently Wireless has the vodka giant, Smirnoff, as one of their partners. I wanted to change this with a view to bringing Ballantine’s whisky to the market.


Previously Ballantine's has collaborated with Boiler Room to showcase and celebrate the most credible music scenes around the world. With the two brands working together it would attract a bigger music events audience, raise public awareness of the collaboration, while also increasing sales. Whisky is seen to be a male drink but why can’t woman enjoy whisky without the sexism attached? The collaboration aims to target both genders, creating a new opportunity within the whisky industry.


They both share the vision of providing pleasure and happiness to young people aged 18 to 24. It is an opportunity to tailor their products to this specific consumer group as well as determining what consumers are looking for from a music festival with an official whisky partner. 


**This folio was created during the first lockdown in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Please be mindful that we were working remotely with limited resources and software. 



George Ballantine

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