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Atelier 19_1.jpg
Atelier 19_1.jpg
Atelier 19_1.jpg

Atelier '19

Atelier '19 was inspired by the GIDE network’s Mobile Museum event held in Dundee in February 2019. We were one of eight nations who reinterpreted the mobile museum trigger in diverse ways. DJCAD explored this through an investigation of a Wunderkammer for the 21st Century.


The Wunderkammer, or cabinet of curiosities, arose in 16th century Europe as repositories for all manner of wondrous and exotic objects. These collections marked the intersection of science and superstition, combining specimens, diagrams, and illustrations from many disciplines. They drew on natural, manmade and artificial worlds, and can be seen as precursors, or prototypes, of the museum and part of the evolving landscape of the museum, exhibition design and the capacity for objects and spaces to convey a narrative to an audience.


Within the 'Atelier' we formed small groups or ‘Micro- Ateliers’ to conceive, design and make an interactive object or an interactive space that physically responded to the Wunderkammer. Its intended destination was to be part of the final exhibition in December, celebrating all wonderous and curious objects and installations created. 

Micro Ateliers
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